• Poem Pack XIV
  • Poem Pack XIV

Poem Pack XIV

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This handmade edition of "Interstellar Flower Delivery", a chapbook by Ana Wang, features 40 pages of poems inspired by NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day images, in a one-of-a-kind poem pack.

Your purchase includes:

A handmade and hand-bound chapbook that comes in a "poem pack" inspired by food and consumables packaging for space missions

A one-of-a-kind sealed and preserved flower art piece (press to flatten and use as a bookmark!)

A matching one-of-a-kind free digital collectible (NFT) redeemable on purchases by December 31, 2022

The digital ebook edition (PDF + EPUB) to read on your tablet, phone, or eReader

Access to the online "Expansion Pack" experience with author's notes, outer space inspo, a mixtape, and more

About Interstellar Flower Delivery

A love letter to the self, a call to action to the universe(s) that live inside us, this collection of poems covers an array of themes ranging from relationships to death to technology to feminism to capitalism, while drawing inspiration and metaphor from the vast expanse of outer space.

Relayed through a constellation of images, senses, memories, grievances, and foresights, the poems reference science and flowers and stars to express the sentiment that amidst all our human nonsense, we always have our uncommon senses to help us make sense of ourselves and the world.

Is there wonder out there?