Interstellar Flower Delivery Mission 1 Expansion Pack

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  • Mission 1 Brief

    Read more about the concept and inspiration behind Interstellar flower delivery, what started as a post-pandemic summer writing project.

  • Wonder Machine's Cabinet of Curiosities 01

    An ongoing and evolving list of resources on astronomy and outer space.

  • Tiny Wonderful Space Things

    A collection of curiosities to celebrate the launch of Interstellar Flower Delivery, from space-inspired perfumes to the sounds of outer space.

  • Mixtape

    The Interstellar Flower Delivery soundtrack, featuring pop to rock to electronic tunes.

A final send-off from Ana

Thank you for reading and getting this far! I hope you enjoyed my tiny poetry project, an ode to a specific moment and mood in my life, and an experiment in combining art and science, commercial practice with purposeful practice, education with poetry, storytelling with form.

What's next? I have tentative plans to launch an extension of this project (Mission 2 TBD) but in the meantime, I'm getting ready to work on a 365-day poetry challenge + project (@365daysinRGB) and building out the "universe" of Interstellar Flower Delivery.

One really cool thing about the internet is that it's enabled storytelling to be built around little pieces, so I'm going to continue experimenting with different channels and forms to create a transmedia experience based around the concept that started here. I hope you'll come along for that journey too. Spoiler: I've already planted some easter eggs—or are they seeds?—in these poems.

One final thing: if you enjoyed this experience, I'd love to know what you thought. You can also email me anytime if you prefer, or DM me on social. Thanks for being here. —Ana

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