Mission I: Rediscover your uncommon senses

"Interstellar Flower Delivery" is the debut poetry collection by Ana Wang, inspired by and set in the sterile yet lushly metaphoric expanse of outer space.


Does knowledge destroy romance? Is ignorance bliss? Science brought us to Summer 2022, a landmark year in astronomy brought to you by the James Webb Telescope and the social media people at NASA; proof that deeper understanding of the universe does not quell the imagination or sentiment.

Each poem is inspired by an image from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a publicly viewable archive of space images from all over the world, updated daily since 1995.


14 original full poems + a prelude + 4 mini interludes = 19 poems total. A whiff of the stars bottled into sparks for your joy and wonder.

Top notes: first fires, final raindrops

Middle notes: whimsy and fairy tales and rejigged memories

Base notes: Musky like the air of everywhere at once, sharp like the jagged edges of metal, fresh like whatever gave me goosebumps, floral like all the flowers I sent into space to say the things I couldn't


· To be enjoyed at any place or time of life, but of particularly strong potency on waning summer / early autumn nights, when you look up at the stars to wonder what you really are.

· Read one poem or read them all at once in the order prescribed to experience an inter-connected narrative unfold.

· Don’t forget to enter the "expansion pack", an online author’s notes experience which includes details on all theories and references plus other fun things for your senses and imagination.

Additional Details

Sillage: Leaves a trail of wonder.
Projection: Near and far in memory and time.
Longevity: Lingers as long as you need it to.

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  • Ebook (PDF + EPUB)

Ebook (PDF + EPUB)

The digital-only version of "Interstellar Flower Delivery", a chapbook by Ana Wang, featuring 40 pages of poems inspired by NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day images.

Includes all 19 poems from poem packs, in digital editions to read on your tablet, phone, or eReader as well as access to online "Expansion Pack" experience with author's notes, a space-inspired Spotify mixtape, and more.

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